How to Move to Switzerland – Frequently Asked Questions on Swiss Migration Law

Before reading this FAQ, we recommend reading the article on Swiss immigration law. How long does it take for a residence and work permit to be issued? For Third Country Nationals, once all the information and documents are collected, the process may take up to two months. Depending on the work load of the authorities … Read more

How do I move to Switzerland?

When moving to Switzerland, a number of questions arise from the perspective of immigration law. Moving to Switzerland – Basic Principles of Swiss Immigration Law In recent years, immigration law in Switzerland has been subject to constant change. With respect to workers’ mobility, the situation on the Swiss labor market has significantly changed during the … Read more

Which property law applies when a married couple moves to Switzerland? How are goods divided in the event of one spouse’s death or a divorce?

Example: An Austrian-French couple got married in Austria in the year 2005 and moved with their common child from Austria to Switzerland due to a change of jobs. The couple neither concluded a pre- nor a post-nuptial agreement. The wife dies unexpectedly. Which matrimonial property law applies to the spouses? If the spouses did not … Read more

Why is Switzerland abbreviated SUI?

Switzerland is abbreviated SUI because its name in French is “Suisse”. SUI are the first three letters of “Suisse” and French is an official language. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian (all since 1848) and Romansh (since 1938). Switzerland in German is “Schweiz”, in Italian “Svizzera” and in Romansh “Svizra”. In sports, you … Read more