Working from home in Switzerland

The trend towards working from home keeps continuing. In this article, we shed light on the legal situation of this increasingly popular work model in Switzerland. Switzerland is an attractive place for employees, not least because of its high salaries and low-income taxation. At the same time, the Swiss economy needs skilled professionals and the … Read more

Which inheritance law applies when a couple moves to Switzerland? What impact does the relocation have on the existing estate planning?

Case study: A Austrian-French couple got married in Austria and moved with their common children from Austria to Switzerland due to a change of jobs. The couple did not make any testamentary dispositions. The husband dies in an accident. He leaves movable assets as well as real estate in Austria, France, and Switzerland. Q: Which … Read more

Moving to Switzerland: Swiss employment law and customs

While other European countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France have become less attractive to immigrants, Switzerland is the only European country to improve its ranking in the top 10 of the Global Talent Study 2020. Switzerland gained one rank, overtaking France to become the seventh most popular country for employees from abroad. Switzerland’s … Read more

How to Move to Switzerland – Frequently Asked Questions on Swiss Migration Law

Before reading this FAQ, we recommend reading the article on Swiss immigration law. How long does it take for a residence and work permit to be issued? For Third Country Nationals, once all the information and documents are collected, the process may take up to two months. Depending on the work load of the authorities … Read more

How do I move to Switzerland?

When moving to Switzerland, a number of questions arise from the perspective of immigration law. Moving to Switzerland – Basic Principles of Swiss Immigration Law In recent years, immigration law in Switzerland has been subject to constant change. With respect to workers’ mobility, the situation on the Swiss labor market has significantly changed during the … Read more

Which property law applies when a married couple moves to Switzerland? How are goods divided in the event of one spouse’s death or a divorce?

Example: An Austrian-French couple got married in Austria in the year 2005 and moved with their common child from Austria to Switzerland due to a change of jobs. The couple neither concluded a pre- nor a post-nuptial agreement. The wife dies unexpectedly. Which matrimonial property law applies to the spouses? If the spouses did not … Read more